Beco Bamboo Dog Wipes | Coconut


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Beco gentle dog wipes made with 100% bamboo cloth & infused with shea butter and aloe vera, to clean up the muckiest of pups while keeping coats shiny and soft. Hooray for no more baths!

Bamboo is a species of grass that grows in abundance 30x faster than trees. The plant fibres are extra soft for paws, bums and tums and anything in between.

Beco strive to have a better impact on our planet by using recycled materials & renewable resources which is why they have chosen Bamboo as their main material for these brilliant dog wipes. Read the benefits of bamboo and how it can be a step towards saving our planet here

Materials:  100% Bamboo cloth
Shea butter
Aloe vera
Coconut oil

Open the lid and peel back the sticker to use wipes as needed. To keep them moist, reseal the sticker and close the lid firmly after each use. Store at room temperature away from babies and children.

Warning: Do not flush. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Not for human use.


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