Wash & Dry

Our wash & dry treatment ensures every dog will leave our salon smelling delicious. We will select the most suitable shampoos from our wide range that will harmonise with your dog’s coat & skin type. The wash & dry is the perfect treatment for a deep clean after a muddy walk or to help relax and unwind your dog who needs introducing to the grooming experience.

The fluff dry ensures your dog is style dried from root to tip, using fine brushes and combs to separate each hair and make it full, thick and shiny; this combined with a detangling shampoo to ensure a soft coat & a perfume spritz will leave them feeling pampered and refreshed when they leave us.

wash & dry

We recommend washing your dog a maximum of once a month or when they have rolled in something smelly or have got super muddy after a winter’s walk. The frequency of dog washing also depends on your dog breed, read AKC blog on how often you should wash your dog here.

Prices by size of dog. Please see our price list or alternatively contact us for a quote.

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