Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

EmmiPet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning – does your dog need it?

Did you know?
4 out of 5 dogs suffer with dental problems caused by plaque & tartar build up.
A regular, scheduled oral hygiene plan is the best way to care for your dogs dental health which is why we have launched our teeth cleaning service using the EmmiPet Ultrasonic toothbrush.

Depending on the severity of your dogs oral health, the frequency of EmmiPet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning will vary.
For teeth showing plaque we recommend 2-4 cleans in a 7-10 day radius followed by preventative cleans once every 3-4 weeks for maintenance.
Hardened tartar will need more work & for best results we recommend 8-10 cleans within a maximum of 3 weeks – this works out as 3 cleans per week

How much?
Your 1st visit one of our team will assess your dogs oral condition & review the best cleaning plan for your dog. Each dogs treatment will be bespoke and adapted to their oral condition.
The cost of your initial consultation is £30 & includes your toothbrush head.

Teeth Cleaning
Subsequent visits are £20 per session & we recommend 8-10 cleans over a 3 week period
Pre-book 10 sessions & receive one session free (£10)

Maintenance cleaning for oral care
One session per week £15
2 weekly £16
3 weekly £17
4 weekly £20
Pre-book 10 sessions £170 (£17 per session)

Please note that depending on tartar build up we may ask for a Vet letter with permission for us to proceed with Ultrasonic cleaning

EmmiPet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

EmmiPet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

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