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Our trained groomers are skilled in the art of hand stripping; this is for wire haired coated dogs hair is removed by hand rather than using clippers. It is a specialised service; hand stripping removes the top layer of hair to reveal the short undercoat. It is a natural form of grooming for wire haired dogs, leaving a better condition and shine to the dogs coat as it opens up the hair follicles.

Please note: if the dog has been previously clipped it will not be suitable for hand stripping, if your dog has been neutered it may not be suitable for hand stripping.

Some wire hair breeds are not suitable for hand stripping.

Examples of suitable breeds: Border Terrier, Westie, Cairn Terrier, Norfolk Terrier.

Ask for a consultation with one of our groomers.

Bathing during the hand stripping groom is not provided as the hand strip opens the follicles any bathing could provoke a skin infection.

We welcome a free revisit for a bathe 3 weeks after the hand strip if you would like your dog to enjoy a relax bath & dry at the salon pop in or call for your free 3 week splash & dash


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