Hand Stripping

Hand Stripping

This service includes the removal of dead hair by hand. Hand stripping is the most natural form of grooming for wire haired dogs, leaving a better condition and shine to the dogs coat.

We find the most suited coat for this technique is Border Terriers however other breeds are suitable for this such as Wire Fox Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers and even Cocker Spaniels, however each breed requires a slightly different stripping technique and receives a different result in finished coat.

Check out the benefits of hand stripping and why we hand strip in this great blog by PlayBarkRun.

Please note: if the dog has been previously clipped or neutered it may not be suitable for hand stripping. Contact us prior to booking for our groomers to assess your dogs coat if any of these apply to you.

Please contact us for a quote – prices starting from £60 and will vary depending on size & breed. Ask for a consultation with one of our groomers.

Bathing is not provided during this service as stripping the coat opens the follicles and could cause a skin infection if bathed on same day as groom.

We welcome a discounted wash & dry 1 week-10 days after stripping to allow their skin to settle.

Please check our grooming prices for a quote on your breed.


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