Maintenance Groom

If you like to keep your dogs coat long but are struggling to keep on top of knots, the maintenance groom is for you! Maintenance grooms are the perfect treatment for in between full grooms to maintain your dogs coat condition or to keep your dog looking tidy when they aren’t in need of a full groom just yet.

This treatment is usually offered to curly coated breeds and those prone to matting as it allows us to keep your dogs coat knot free while giving them a small trim around their feet & face to give the illusion of a full groom for a percentage of the price!

Our maintenance groom includes a deep cleansing wash using our specific shampoo based on your dogs coat & skin type, fluff dry using our high velocity dryer & a feet and face trim as well as a nail clip & ear clean.

We recommend this treatment in between full grooms, approximately 4-6 weeks after a full groom depending on your dogs coat condition. One of our groomers will be happy to create a grooming schedule based on your dogs grooming needs.

You can keep on top of your dogs matting at home with regular brushing & using the correct grooming tools for your specific dog breed. There are many educational posts on how to keep on top of your dogs coat condition & understanding your breeds coat type online or social media pages.

If you are unsure how to groom your dogs coat from home follow this link for a basic understanding on what matts are and how to prevent them.

bob the dog full groom

Please call for any enquiries or pop in store during our open hours where one of our specialist groomers will be happy to answer any queries.

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