Full Groom

Our full groom package includes a deep cleansing wash using our specialist shampoos which are carefully chosen to adhere to your dogs specific coat & skin type, cut of your choice, a gentle ear clean, nail trimming & a fragrant perfume spritz to ensure your dog leaves our salon not only looking but smelling amazing.

For short haired & double coated breeds, the full groom will include de shedding during the bath & drying process to remove the dead undercoat. This will leave their coat looking super glossy & shiny and reduces the amount of malting around your home & on your clothes. We recommend full grooming every 8-10 weeks depending on breed.

A curly coated full groom includes a wash using a conditioning shampoo to prevent hair tangle, then fluff dry using our high velocity dryers to create the perfect knot free coat to be able to cut & style to your preferred choice – depending on coat condition this can be breed standard or a more suitable /maintainable style for you.

If you are unsure on your dog breed’s specific coat type and how to groom them, find all the breeds and their different coat types in this great post by PetWorshiper.

Grooming add ons can be added to this package as well as our VIP package which includes a blueberry facial, nourishing paw balm, fresh breath teeth gel & a stylish bow tie to finish all for an additional £10

Our prices may vary due to factors such as size of dog, coat type and any de matting requirements. Please see our grooming prices for reference. Please note prices may vary depending on size, coat condition & extra grooming styling.

bob the dog full groom

Please call for any enquiries or pop in store during our open hours where one of our specialist groomers will be happy to answer any queries.

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