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Edgard Cooper slow bake all of their treats to lock in their taste and goodness, and carefully pack them in 100% biodegradable bags which means the packaging is easy-to-recycle with your paper recycling. And they give 1% of all their sales to charities that help care for less fortunate dogs and cats which is why we are so proud to be stockists of this great brand!

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Beautiful Beef Jerky

Made from the best cuts of beef, Edgard Cooper slow bake these treats to seal in all that meaty taste and goodness. What’s more, they add rapeseed oil extract to keep it juicy, and add strawberry and mango to ramp up the natural nutrition even further.

Ingredients: Beef, Mango, Strawberry

Luscious Lamb & Beef

This simple, grain-free recipe is made using lots of luscious high-protein lamb and beef, together with a carefully balanced blend of pear and apple. A dash of rapeseed oil extract is added to make the jerky extra juicy

Ingredients: Lamb, Beef, Pear, Apple

Juicy Chicken Jerky

A special treat for the dog in your life, made from protein-packed chicken. This simple, grain-free recipe is made using lots of high-protein chicken, together with a special blend of blueberry and apple.

Ingredients: Chicken, Blueberry, Apple

Divine Duck & Chicken

Made from gently-baked prime cuts of chicken and duck, this grain-free jerky is full of delicious goodness. Rapeseed oil extract is added to make it extra juicy, as well as pumpkin and banana for bonus nutritional points

Ingredients: Duck, Chicken, Pumpkin, Banana

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Juicy Chicken, Beautiful Beef, Divine Duck and Chicken, Luscious Lamb and Beef