Edgard Cooper Busy Day Bar


Bite-sized bars for busy adventurers, these grain free treats are packed with protein-rich goodness and simple, irresistibly healthy ingredients. Edgard Cooper ensure everything is carefully cooked and packed (in a 100% biodegradable bag) which means the packaging is easy-to-recycle with your paper recycling. And they give 1% of all our sales to charities that help care for less fortunate dogs and cats which is why we are so proud to be stockists of this great brand!

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Busy Day Bars

Delicious Duck & Chicken

This grain-free recipe is made using the finest cuts of duck and chicken, wonderfully combined with broccoli, peas and carrots. That means, not only are they absolutely delicious, they’re also an amazing source of energy-rich protein, vitamins and minerals.

Lovely Lamb & Beef

Edgard Cooper source the best cuts of lamb and beef for maximum meatiness and high-quality protein. Then they ramp up the tastiness with apple, beetroot and carrot (which are full of natural vitamins and minerals).

Choice Chicken

This snack bar is made using the finest cuts of chicken (the bar is 37% protein), combined with apple, carrot and cranberry (for lots of extra vitamins and minerals).

Brilliant Beef

This grain-free recipe is made using the finest cuts of beef and naturally nutritious broccoli, strawberry and sweet potato. As a result, they’re packed full of low-fat protein, vitamins and minerals and – like all Edgard Cooper treats – they’re brilliantly tasty

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Brilliant Beef, Choice Chicken, Delicious Duck & Chicken, Lovely Lamb & Beef