Our dematting policy adheres to the animal welfare act & we will always prioritise what is fair for your dog over the aesthetic of the groom.

When a dog is matted the quickest & kindest way to remove the matt is by clipping underneath to remove it completely. In some cases we may recommend clipping the whole coat shorter to ensure that we can maintain the coat condition. An extra £5 charge will  be added when a dogs coat is matted, ultimately effecting groom time.

We offer a conditioning treatment for an additional £5 on top of the full groom. This is a deep conditioning brush through during the bath which allows the matting to break down & leave the coat feeling conditioned. This will allow the cut to be a lot smoother & easier to groom.

We often recommend ‘in between grooms’ for owners who want to keep their dogs coat long but struggle to maintain the coat & keep it knot free. This is usually a wash dry feet & face tidy 4-5 weeks after the full groom to ensure there are no knots or matts left in the coat in order to prevent matting.