In The salon

Bob The Dog shop & Grooming located in Keynsham, between Bristol & Bath just a hop skip and a jump away from Keynsham train station.

Whether your dog needs a quick pawdicure, a quick coat trim or a full spa pampers session we offer a range of services to suit your dog’s needs.

Treat your pooch to a Full Spa Experience, leaving your pet relaxed, gorgeous and smelling delicious.

Our team are on hand to talk you through the different services and treatments we have on offer.

We sit down with you on our sofa to provide a full consultation prior to the groom to ensure we provide the best possible service that you and your dog are happy with.

Bob the Dog salon provides a safe and restful bed for your dog to relax on after his or her groom.
Please pop in, we would love to show our gorgeous new salon and shop. Perhaps you would like to take a seat on our fabulous sofa and maybe join us for a coffee.

Spa service List

Bath Blow & Go - Bath & & Fluff dry

Prices by size of dog. Please contact us for a quote.
We will select the right shampoo that will harmonise with your dog’s skin and needs. We have a wide range of shampoos to help relax and unwind your dog as well as soften their coats with a detangling shampoo. The fluff dry ensures your dog is style dried from root to tip, using fine brushes and coombs to separate each hair and make it full, thick and shiny; leaving them pampered and refreshed when they leave us.

Full Groom – The Ultimate SPA Experience

Prices by size of dog. Please contact us for a quote.
Our full groom is everything your dog desires for a spa experience. When you arrive at Bob The Dog you will be met by your groomer who will consult with you and your dog who will consult with you how you would like your dog styled. Your dog will then start their treatment is a delicious bubble bath with a shampoo specially selected for their coat type and colour; we also cater for more delicate skin types with our sensitive skin range.

If your dog is prone to knots or Matts we will give them a deep conditioning treatment to help maintain their coat.

After their relaxing bath they will be fluff dried, ensuring they are fully brushed through. Once dried and brushed through we will style your dog according to your wishes and breed standards finishing off with a lovely spritz of pet cologne.

Nail clipping and gentle ear clean is included in this service.

Prices are determined by size of dog, coat type, any dematting requirements.

Please call or email for a quote or pop in to the shop any time with your dog, one of our groomers will be happy to talk through with you.

Dematting (full groom add on)

£30 per hour

Long wool coats are prone to getting knots in their coat and need regular brushing in between their full groom. We understand with the busy lives we lead, it can be difficult to achieve this as regular as we would like. It can be difficult to achieve this as regularly as we would like and can lead to Matts accumulating along with Knotts.

Once there is matt dirt and debris can form within the clump of hair, then it becomes difficult for the groomer to brush the dogs out, it can be distressful for the dog.  It takes longer for the groom and can be uncomfortable for your dog.

If the coat is densely matted, the only option is to shave under the matt, taking the hair close to the skin. In some extreme cases a complete clip off for the dog, which is not always desirable.